From the First to the Last

Walking into English 131 on the second day I was not sure what to expect. I say second day because I went to the wrong class the first day. I was unaware of how the teacher would be or if I would even enjoy this class. Little did I know, the class would change my… Continue reading From the First to the Last


Baseball, Not Just A Sport

Hello, my name is Seth Morgan and I am a freshman at Lenoir-Rhyne University. For many, sports are way of staying in shape and having fun, but for me baseball is a way of life. The fist thing I think of when I wake up is baseball. I can never get it off my mind. Some may even say I’m obsessed.

Many people ask me, “why do you love baseball so much?” To me thats an easy question to answer, it runs in my blood. The first time I threw a baseball with my dad I knew that this was my first love. Spending hours playing baseball in the middle of summer was fun for me. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be. Hours in the weight room and being sore was just a lifestyle that I have become accustom to. The “grind” that most people call is just another day in paradise for me. One of the most rewarding feelings is winning a championship. I was lucky enough to win a state championship my junior year in high school and I have never been so proud of something. To see all the hard work that me and my teammates put it was vey rewarding. I love the game of baseball and wouldn’t want it any other way.